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Simon Prior BCFTA Past President, Charles Delf President and Mark Cox Vice President

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Past Presidents meeting to celebrate BCFTA 125th Anniversary


Trading on the Nails outside the Bristol Corn Exchange

Ernest Davis last trade on the nail with John Nicholls of Cardiff Maltings Co

Last trade on the Nails outside the Bristol Corn Exchange


Pre-Dinner Reception, Annual Dinner


Trade Awareness Course at a store


Trade Awareness Course


Training Courses

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Breakfast at BCFTA TAC

BCFTA Secretary, Richard Cooksley

BCFTA Secretary, Richard Cooksley

Bristol Corn & Feed Trade Association

Welcome to BCFTA (Bristol Corn & Feed Trade Association) a trade association for companies and individuals working within the Grain and Feed Industries. While originally the trade association was a regional one with its membership being from the South West as the areas companies have expanded so has the membership and activities of BCFTA with its membership now covering the whole of the UK.

  • BCFTA is an active trade association with an increasing membership covering not only the West Country but also the rest of the UK.
  • BCFTA organise a range of activities for its members which include, Training Courses, study tours, speaker events and seminars for its members and the ever-popular Annual Bristol Dinner.
  • BCFTA run an active educational grant scheme to which member companies can apply for assistance with funding for industry related training.

BCFTA Executive Committee

President: Charles Delf Vice President: Mark Cox Immediate Past President: Simon Prior Secretary: Richard Cooksley

Committee Members
Simon Allanson-Bailey, Sarah Bond, Neil Chapman, Andrew Davies, Ian Eastwood, Des Gilbert, Martyn Raper, James Reeson, Paul Roberts, Mike Spencer, Mike Tennick, Dave Stanford, John Townend, Graham Watson.