Bristol Corn and Feed Trade Association (BCFTA) was originally known as the Bristol Channel and West of England Corn Trade Association Inc., which was founded in 1889 to, "Establish measures calculated to benefit the Corn, Flour and Feeding Stuffs Trades in the Bristol Channel and West of England areas, and to promote joint action on matters of Contracts of Sale and other documents used in the Trade". It was not until 1974, when the Association was restructured, that it became known as the Bristol Corn and Feed Trade Association Ltd (BCFTA).

Corn Trade Associations were formed towards the latter part of the nineteenth century at all the large receiving ports in the UK, to assist members in their business with one another by establishing uniformity in methods and to provide an authority to which members could refer disputes for arbitration.

In 1918 the Federation of Corn Trade Associations was formed to represent the whole trade in the UK in matters of national character, and in negotiations with the Government and authorities in foreign countries. The activities of the Federation and Corn Trade Associations were mainly concerned with cereals but, in 1971 the London Corn Trade Association and the London Cattle Food Association merged to form the Grain and Feed Trade Association Ltd. (GAFTA), which replaced the Federation, and now guards the interests of the grain and animal feeding stuffs industries in national and international affairs.

BCFTA maintains strong links with GAFTA having led the way towards this co-ordination in 1954, following the de-control of the trade, when most of the local and national feed compounders joined the Association. The majority of these compounders are also members of the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), with which BCFTA also continues to maintain a strong link.

BCFTA membership is a growing one encompassing virtually all sectors of the supply trade, ranging in size from international companies to sole traders throughout the UK. Although originally concerned with contracts, arbitration and legal defence – now the province of GAFTA and AIC – BCFTA's main emphasis today is on training and development of member companies staff, including activities such as study visits, bursary projects and seminars.

One of the most important, though unstated, benefits the Association can achieve for its members is to provide opportunities for them to make and maintain personal contact and share best practice with each other when most forms of communication are increasingly remote.

BCFTA is managed by a Secretary who reports to the management committee who are elected at the AGM and meets formally 3 to 4 times per year.

For further information on BCFTA please contact enquires@bcfta.org.uk

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