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BCFTA Training Courses

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BCFTA provides industry specific training courses for its members utilising skills of BCFTA and Member companies’ staff as well as external training providers.
The courses that BCFTA provide cover virtually all skills required within the supply trade, are adapted and added so as to meet member’s requirements and demand. BCFTA is a trade organisation which is always looking for ways to promote and represent its members interests and those of the industry. With this in mind suggestions are always welcome from both members and non members on activities or services that BCFTA should provide.

  • Trade Awareness Course
    This course has been running for over 12 years and now takes place 4 times per year. Attendees have the opportunity, during presentations and visits, to gain an understanding of the supply trade from raw material sourcing to finished product use on farm.
  • Nutrition Training
    BCFTA provides Nutrition training courses which cover Ruminate and Monogastric nutrition and a choice of one or two day courses.
  • Management
    A two day training course for staff who have recently or are going to take the first steps on a management role and cover time management,staff and client relationship roles
  • Feed Production Foundation Course
    The three day BCFTA Foundation course in Feed Production has been designed to allow those directly involved within the feed manufacturing process and those supplying the industry to gain skills and knowledge of the process.  CLICK HERE to read the article from the Feed Compounder Magazine.
  • Sales & Management
    One or two day sales training courses are run which covers basic and advanced training
  • Customer Services
    A one day training course for staff involved in dealing with customers is held as required which covers telephone and face to face skills
  • Technical Training
    A recent addition to the training courses being provided by BCFTA covers skills required by those involved in trading and buying of raw materials
  • Contracts
    A one day course covering the use and management of contracts used within the Grain & Feed trade that.
  • Feed Forum
    Feed forum meetings are held as required to cover specific issues and to share best practice. Issues covered in past meetings include;safety whilst visiting farm, labelling requirements and social media.

To book a training course, please click here.