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BCFTA Training Courses

BCFTA Training CoursesBCFTA Training Courses - Modules 1 - 12

BCFTA provides industry specific training courses for its members utilising skills of BCFTA and Member companies’ staff as well as external training providers.

The courses that BCFTA provide cover virtually all skills required within the supply trade, are adapted and added so as to meet member’s requirements and demand. BCFTA is a trade organisation which is always looking for ways to promote and represent its members interests and those of the industry.

With this in mind suggestions are always welcome from both members and non members on activities or services that BCFTA should provide.



Trade Awareness

This course has developed over the years from the original one which was very much an introduction course for new employees to one that is a must attend one for both those who have been working in the trade and relatively new employees.  It is a residential course over two days which is a mix of presentations and visits on the trade covering sourcing, storage, handling, production and ending on a farm so that the attendees gain an understanding of the complete chain that is the supply trade.



BCFTA runs one and a two day nutrition courses which have been designed for those wanting basic to more advanced training. These courses make use of industry professionals as the trainers and are tailor made to meet the requirements of the course attendees.


Customer Service

This course is designed for all staff who have direct contact with customers and provides training on the core skills associated with this critical and important area.


Sales Management

The BCFTA Sales management training courses are run by a professional trainer and takes place over two days. As with all BCFTA Courses the course they follow a basic structure but are adapted and developed to meet specific requirements of course attendees as identified before the course.


Quality Systems

This course is designed for both existing and new staff members who are responsible for or involved in running quality systems within the grain and feed trade.



This BCFTA Course is a 3 day residential course one that takes place in the Netherlands. It makes use of a purpose designed production training facility and is suitable for those involved directly or indirectly in animal feed manufacture.



The BCFTA Trading Technical Analysis training course is designed for those involved in buying or selling raw materials and provides an insight and understanding of the tools used within the trading world.



Legislation and the associated changes are a challenge to companies to keep up to date with. BCFTA are planning to develop a course to cover key legislation that affect the industry so as to keep those responsible within member companies aware of responsibilities.


Project Management

The success of any project within a business is the management of the project and this course is for those who have such responsibility.


Basic Management Skills

This course is designed to help individuals who work on their own or who manage others and subjects being covered include; Time management, Communication, Task Appraisal, Projects and Budgetary Control.



This course is designed for individuals who buy or sell materials and covers the reasons for contracts, the available contracts, what to look out for within a contract and what to do then things go wrong.


Study Tour

This provides an opportunity to gain an insight into what others are doing with the industry, share best practice and make contacts.